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Obnubilate Theutida would like to transform the lives of seniors living in hospices such that their experience is the best possible. With this aim in mind, we have designed the layout of a recreational-focused hospice to the very detail of its electrical circuit. This is the product of many mathematical concepts that revolve around physics.


This report was put together by the four of us as we have researched and it dawned on us that people living in hospices do not have enough recreational facilities, restricting them to live a dull life. The goal of this project is to apply mathematical and scientific knowledge and skills to design a lighting system together with enhances that can be effectively used in the hospice.

Such mathematical and scientific skills include combinatorics in probability, Kirchoff's Voltage Law and Ohm’s Law in electricity and Fibonacci Sequence and Spidron Designs in the geometrical design of the building. Change of subject from in algebra was also used frequently for calculations. Mathematical Psychology was also used at the very start of the project, connecting math together with the human thinkings and behavior to certain lighting, designs and entertainments. Combinatorics was used to find the different combinations of an electrical circuit when arranging the electrical components in a certain presentation. With the different combinations we would then use Kirchoff's Voltage Law and Ohm’s Law to calculate the voltages, currents and resistances. To design the hospice, we utilized the Fibonacci Sequence and Spidron Designs which made the hospice looks aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate around and spacious.

The recreational and comforting facilities includes proper adjustable lighting almost everywhere, an activity room, a common exercise area and a balcony comprising of a mini garden. The activity room includes a karaoke set, television and chess tables. The other necessary facilities would include the bedrooms and toilets. To further support the elderly, the toilets, hallways and bedrooms are equipped with handles to help the elderly maneuver around the level. Our main focus of the project is the lighting, for which we used laws of electricity and combinatorics as stated above to obtain the best possible combination of lighting circuits. This circuit is both energy efficient and a comfortable lighting provider for the seniors to feel at ease, or even better, “at home”.

We have also used ICT applications like Google Sketchup to design a mock-up of out building and a short Google Sketchup animated video to give a “tour” of our newly-designed hospice, after using simple mathematical concepts to design the basic floor plan. The Google Sketchup and animated tour are not the only products we assembled, we have also created a blog that encompases our whole documentation and all resources of our work.