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People living in hospices don’t have enough recreational facilities.


Firstly, there will be a balcony/mini garden outside every few rooms. The patients have the freedom of growing their own plants in  
the mini garden, and can decorate it in any way they like, as long as the 3 patients agree on the decorations. 
Lighting: Dim (at night)

Secondly, there will be a common exercise area at every level for the
elderly to work out whenever they want. This area will help the 
elderly stay in good physical and mental conditions.
Lighting: Medium

Thirdly, there will be an activity room, comprising of a TV area, soft sofa area and chess area. The TV area is for watching TV

together; soft sofa area for interacting; and chess area for them to play chess.
Lighting: Medium

Lastly, there will be a karaoke room for the elderly to sing their childhood songs (this may help with dementia as well).

Lighting: Medium